Everything that could be done to make this property one of the most eco-friendly in Utah has been done. While the property is tied in with power from Rocky Mountain Power the owner chose to include solar power systems to harness energy from the sun. The property enjoys a large grid tie solar system that is approximately 10,000 watts. All the best components and panels were obtained. Energy used by inhabitants on this property is coming directly from the sun to minimize carbon output to offset your power use to the lowest level. What’s more, the system feeds extra energy that is […]



Welcome to The Grand Metropolitan

The Grand Metropolitan is a stunning 7000 square foot estate perched on one of the highest street above downtown Salt Lake City. This mountaintop contemporary mansion boasts 300 degree views of the entire Salt Lake Valley and the foot hills behind the house create spectacular views. This luxurious property is just 5 minutes access to the city center as well as the University of Utah and Olympic Stadium and 35 minutes to Park City. This house is a one of a kind contemporary with exceptional detail throughout. Designer high end furniture, indoor waterfall, 20 foot ceilings, and spa like amenities, […]





Living Room

Dining Each formal dining area is equipped with seating for eight with high end furniture and elongated dining tables.  Fantastic attention to detail and amazing backdrops allow one to feel like royalty while enjoying meals.



Living Room

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